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At Quvaco Data Recovery, the privacy and data confidentiality of our customers data is our prime concern. In fact, we go through great lengths to ensure that our customers enjoyed reliable and secure data recovery services.

How do we ensure data confidentiality?

[1] Company Operation

[1.1] Staff Training & Management
All technical and non technical personnel are trainned on various aspects data security, best practises and common sources of data leakages. They are required to sign on non disclosure documents prior to active services.

[1.2] Security
Our various collection centres and laboratories are equipped with security systems whereby only authorized personnel are given access. Customer visitation, especially to our laboratories require formal approval from our top management.

[1.3] Tracking Number
All data recovery jobs check-in to Quvaco are tagged with JobID only, without any customers contact details or identification.

[1.4] Storage Medium Handling
Strict internal operating procedures are enforced such that no unauthorized storage medium are allowed into or check-out of our facilities with formal approval.

[1.5] Data Server Management
We delete all of our customer's data after job completion and check-out. We regularly perform wipe operation on our data server.

[2] Logistics Operation

Our courier services check to ensure that the correct item are sent to the correct location and person, with signature acknowledgement & fully traceable system.

[3] Technology Alliance

All our partners and alliance are informed concerning our strict non disclosure policy and conform to our data confidentiality requirements.

[4] Customer

We can provide non disclosure documentation to our customers on demand basis as well.
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